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The 4 Ultimate Quotes from Halo

Gel’s little side note: Hello everyone! I’ve actually exerted EFFORT into designing these quotes. It was a little hard to think about artsy things like these. I now appreciate those people who create AMAZING typography! Like seriously, how could they conjure their inspiration? Pengeng skills, please.

On the bright side, I was satisfied with the results – but still have much to learn! Anyway, although this book was pretty TOUGH to read, at least it has some nice quotes.

A little background: Halo is a Paranormal > Angels, Young Adult, Romance book by Alexandra AdornettoYou could first see my book review – but other than that…

Let’s get down to the quotes!


On the book: Gabriel didn’t like television programs, particularly those that berate people where players were forced to make a fool out of themselves.

Halo Alexandra Adornetto quote

“It was disgusting, Gabriel said, to play with people’s emotions and prey on their weaknesses. It was even more sickening that the general public considered such cruelty entertainment.
(Adornetto, 2011, 101)

Gel’s reflections: What is there to like about television programs that is considered “entertainment” by most people? I personally don’t like those programs that make fun of a person’s physical appearance just to have some good laugh. It was sad that these shows were the ones that actually earn much because of their nature. Cruel, cruel world.


On the book: Beth wished that she wanted to be like everyone else, but Xavier told her otherwise.

Halo Alexandra Adornetto There's no point pretending to be something you're not

“There’s no point pretending to be something you’re not.
(Adornetto, 2011, 113)

Gel’s reflections: Why bother when you can be AWESOME being yourself? It’s just a matter of perspective – have some self-worth. Believe me, because I felt inadequate for some time, I once tried hard to be the person I want to be, but I realized that I CAN’T and I MUSTN’T. It’s a waste of time when I should be improving myself and enjoying my honed experience and personality through the years.


On the book: Molly was fretting about her body weight and thought supermodels have more beautiful forms, but Gabriel expressed his opinion about feminine appeal.

Halo Alexandra Adornetto quote

“There is nothing more alluring than a girl with a healthy appreciation of food.
(Adornetto, 2011, 319)

Gel’s reflections: Beauty is not in the highest ranks of my priority moral values. Health, though, is. I still strongly believe that HEALTHY is more important than SEXY. Do you agree or do you strongly agree?


On the book: Beth was confused if she should finally give her all to Xavier and went to Molly for advice.

Halo Alexandra Adornetto quote

“‘Beth, you don’t have to do anything just to make a boy happy,’ Molly said. ‘If you’re not ready, you should wait. I wish I’d waited.'”
(Adornetto, 2011, 321)

Gel’s reflections: I will live by this quote.

Gel’s little side note: Thank you so much for reading. Special thanks to Lara for lending me her book. 🙂

See you soon on my next post!

12696147_1319386064753927_1974481395_nWhat quote did you like the most?
The quotes on The Ultimate Bookish Quotes were selected by me as to what were my favorites or what I thought were the best quotes in the book. My list, my choices, my own reflections.
Reference: Adornetto, A. (2011). Halo. New York, NY: Square Fish.
All images were made by me on Canva. Photos taken from feelgrafixThe Art Mad Wallpapers, VK, Web Design Burn, & 7 Themes.

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