Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2016

Hi everyone! Another month has passed, and it’s time to wrap-up March (yaaaaay)! I haven’t been able to post EVEN HALF THE NUMBER of my posts compared to February, but that’s all right! Hell-ish week in my university was just getting started, and I’m proud that at least I haven’t neglected this blog.

Also, my stats this month are much better than last’s, considering I’ve posted so few. Talk about cool!

To start, I’m gonna thank everybody for these superb achievements:

I’ve reached the 1000 likes mark this month! I was so happy. ❤ THANK YOU, KIND FELLOWS! The 3k views mark also! *screams like a crazy wonderful madman*

Here’s to more amazing moments with you guys *cheers*!

And now, to finally start what I really did on March…

Let’s get started!

POPSUGAR’s 2016 Reading Challenge:

 I  have finished five categories this month, but have only reviewed two!

*HAHAHAHAHAHA* (sorry ’bout that). With so much STUFF going on (*ehem, papers*), I can’t seem to quickly post reviews as much as I’ve read a book. Add that I’m a very slow thought-conjurer, and you get a unicoturtle (wait, what?). Oh well, I hope I would not procrastinate redeem myself on April!

This is also my first time creating a Netgalley account, yay for free books!

Here are the specifics:

Fjord Blue Nina Rossing

Edition: Digital, 277 pages

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, LGBT

My rating: 4/5 stars

“The wordings and conversations flow out naturally and I found myself being amazed by how the author was on point about what a teenage personality was like.”

Fjord Blue Nina RossingFjord Blue Nina Rossing

Fun part: Look at the dates. Hahaha! Thank you, Nina Rossing for noticing!

Tricks Ellen Hopkins

Edition: Paperback, 625 pages

Genres: Young Adult, Poetry, Contemporary

My rating: 4/5 stars

“You could get lost in Hopkins’ words, and you might just find yourself deeply engrossed in the book.”

Goodreads’ Reading Challenge:

 These are the books I’ve read outside the POPSUGAR’s 2016 Reading Challenge. Basically, books that didn’t fit any categories.

Carry On Rainbow Rowell

Edition: Digital, 528 pages

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

My rating: 3/5 stars

“Not your typical romance story, I’m sure the twist would excite everyone.”

Halo Alexandra Adornetto

Edition: Paperback, 484 pages

Genres: Paranormal > Angels, Young Adult, Romance

My rating: 2/5 stars

“This book is the ultimate crap.”

The Ultimate Bookish Quotes:

 Again, I have posted 3 compilations!

Though I am satisfied with the featured images, I still wanna play around some more.

Here are the specifics:

Three quotes – my shortest ever compilation. I speed read this book, so I wasn’t really much keen on spotting good quotes. Or just there wasn’t any life quotes? Hmm…

Anyway, Carry On was my first ever Netgalley digital copy, so it was full of memories. Heehee!


An awesome compilation of quotes for an awesome book.

Fjord Blue Nina Rossing

Nina Rossing was just a sweet person. ❤ Thank you!

This book touches a sensitive matter – prostitution. But I was so touched by the quotes here because it just makes sense, albeit a little slap of reality.

Tricks Ellen Hopkins

Aww, sweet. You’re welcome, Ellen Hopkins! Yaaaay.

Top 5 Wednesday:

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme created by Lainey from gingerreadslainey to share a great love for lists every Wednesday.

I accomplished all the categories listed on March (albeit late). Had so much fun doing it and commenting with other bloggers’ posts!

So we had 5 Wednesdays on March! OMG. ❤ I just realized it when I’m writing this post. LOL!

I also adapted a NEW featured image template! I’m satisfied with it FOR NOW. Check out my T5Ws to view it. Haha!

Here are the specifics:

Awards and Tags:

It was really AWESOME that I got nominated/tagged for so many awards/tags! I’m sorry because I don’t post as frequently as you guys tag me. 😦 But don’t worry, every tag is on my Drafts and I’ll surely do each!

For this month, I’ve only managed to post two awards/tags. They were fun to do, though. 🙂

Here are the specifics:

I was so happy with this tag because one of the rules there was to nominate a blog with less than 200 followers. Guess what count when I got nominated? 199!!!!!!!

A SUPER FUN TAG! Comparing books and choosing whether to burn, rewrite or reread them is satisfying. Hahaha!


Thank you so much for reading this wrap-up! I hope April would have lots and lots of goodness in store for all of us.


Woooooooah, I haven’t posted a Personal post on March. Kinda missed posting that stuff. Anyway…

Stay awesome, bloggers!

See you soon on my next post!

12696147_1319386064753927_1974481395_nHow was your March?
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    1. Thank you, Nazahet (or can I call you Naz instead? Haha!) Yeah it’s a li’l funny and strange… wonder why? But it has a positive result so I don’t mind.

      Hope so, too. Happy reading!!!


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