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The 5 Ultimate Quotes from Tricks by Ellen Hopkins


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A little background: Tricks is a Young Adult, Poetry, Contemporary book by Ellen HopkinsYou could first see my book review – but other than that…

Let’s get down to the quotes!


Tricks Ellen Hopkins

“He always says the right things.
Maybe he should be a politician.”
(We Should Head Back, Ellen Hopkins, 91)

On the book: Eden asked Andrew some mushy things, and Andrew just knew how to melt a girl’s heart.

Gel’s reflections: I laughed so hard at this quote. That’s all I can say.


Tricks Ellen Hopkins

“Seems to me life is a lot easier without getting
attached to someone. Too complicated.”
(Alex and I, Ellen Hopkins, 137)

On the book: Ginger and Alex were talking about their tough lives and how they put up with their parents.

Gel’s reflections: As someone who does not easily attach herself to someone, this is on point. I think the more attachments I have, the more headache I will have. And I seriously hate dramas. I prefer the company of a selected few, thank you very much.


Tricks Ellen Hopkins

“Loren shakes his head.
Never say never, dear.
You might be surprised at
what you can do, should
circumstances dictate.”
(I’m Doing a Fair Job, Ellen Hopkins, 196)

On the book: Seth was saying he could never do regular sex with a “sugar daddy”, but Loren disagreed.

Gel’s reflections: Interesting… and terrifying quote. I don’t want to be at the receiving end of it. And I’m not sure if I want to hear the end of it (whatever “it” is, you decide).


Tricks Ellen Hopkins

“I’m not the religious
type. Mom goes to church
but I mostly ignore it.

Not sure

if there is a God or why
some all-powerful being
would give half a damn


the likes of me. Lately,
though, I’ve tossed out
a prayer or two, thrown
them like fastballs at


if there is such a thing.
I’m afraid they only
bounced back to

Earth, or

spun out into space,
unheard. Either way,
guess I’ll give it another
try. Why not? What the


have I got to lose?”
(A Poem by Cody Bennett, Release, Ellen Hopkins, 229)

On the book: Cody was angry because his parents prioritizes praying for miracles than their own sons’ problems.

Gel’s reflections: Possibly my favorite poem in the book. This just speaks to me, man. When I read this, I felt the urge to cry. I’m having serious doubts right now – for quite a while now, actually. But I think time and lots and lots of deep thoughts are all I need.

Bonus: Read the one-liners. Get your mind blown.


Tricks Ellen Hopkins

“When all choice is taken from you,
life becomes a game of survival.”
(When the Door Closes, Ellen Hopkins, 423)

On the book: Eden got no choice than to accept her predicament.

Gel’s reflections: Pain. Suffering. Rendered helpless.

This was a very sad part. People shouldn’t be treated as if they have no other choice. But it is prevalent in our world – can we possibly eradicate this problem?


Tricks Ellen Hopkins

Gel’s little side note: *exhales* yep, blogging is a great way to get your mind off of things. I’m just feeling a little mishy-mushy right now. My mind is so jumbled up that I kept inventing ridiculous words *sighs*.

These past few days have been a drag. Pero kaya ‘to. Hay.

Anyway, thanks for reading, mi amigos! Have something to share? I’d love to hear from you.

See you soon on my next post!

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The quotes on The Ultimate Bookish Quotes were selected by me as to what were my favorites or what I thought were the best quotes in the book. My list, my choices, my own reflections. All images were made by me on Canva.

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