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The Random Tag

Hey guys! How’s it going? So today I’m gonna do randomly do The Random Tag (wait, what?) Okay, so first of all thanks to Giovanna @ BOOKCOMA for tagging me. If you guys have the time, check out her fabulous blog!

And because I’m so random, I made that wonderful (heehee) colorful minimalist featured image. LOVED IT.


Let’s get started!

1. What is your favorite food?

Hmm… I really don’t know. It occasionally changes. This time, I believe it’s sisig. It’s a popular appetizer/main dish here in the Philippines. Originally, it is composed of chopped pigs face,  ears and pork liver (yes… yum, right!).When I go to our college canteen at lunch, I always buy that. Pork sisig is my favorite variation. YUM, YUM!


2. What are you having for dinner tonight?

We’re having chicken tinola! I love, love, LOVE my mom’s recipe on that. It is a ginger and onion based soup with chicken, green papaya wedges and chili pepper leaves. It is also an authentic Filipino main dish.


Seriously, all these talk about food is making me hungry.

3. Who was the last person you emailed?

*checks my mail*

Oh. It was a month ago. I last e-mailed my P.E. professor. He required us to write an essay about why we chose Self-Defense as our P.E. subject, and our expectations in him and the class. So, a little bit of personal sharing: I’M LOVING SELF-DEFENSE CLASS. Even though I would be sore for three days after a session, it’s a great subject, really. With the world getting harsher and harsher, I believe knowing the basic self-defense tactics is important.

4. What sports do you do?

I don’t do any sports! LOL. My dad kept pushing and pushing me to have some sport (it’s a little embarrassing, really; he recently won 2nd in singles and 3rd in doubles in a badminton tournament) but I don’t want anything to do with sports. *whispers balls are scary*


5. Do you have any pet hates?

I can’t think of any. Uhh, I don’t want the TV to be blasted so loud by my siblings when I’m reading (is that counted?).

6. Do you play any instruments?

Ugh, I’m always thinking about whether I have any talents at all. No, I don’t play any instruments.

i'm sorry, i can't be perfect

I tried to, though. I have a guitar here and can play a few songs, but I’m not passionate about it. I also tried playing drums, but can only play a few songs, too (and I believe I make more NOISE that music). I can also play the recorder, but not that good (it’s been years). So, I prefer to think that I don’t play any instruments. I can’t play for a jam, anyway.

I nominate these awesome bloggers:

So, that’s the end of The Random Tag! Have anything to share? I’d love to hear from you!


Photos and GIFs taken from DeviantartUncle CheffyEasy Peasy Life… in the city, Tumblr and Giphy.

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