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The 4 Ultimate Quotes from The Graveyard Book

Gel’s little side note: Hey guys! The Quote Queen is back. 

A little background: The Graveyard Book is a Young Adult, Fantasy, Horror shnovel (short story-novel) by Neil GaimanYou could first check out my book review here.

Without further ado…

Let’s get down to the quotes!


“It must be good… to have somewhere that you belong. Somewhere that’s home.” (Neil Gaiman, 2010, 28)

On the book: When Mrs. Owens said that she’s never leaving the graveyard, Silas stated this as if he were simply stating something unarguable.

Gel’s reflections: Even though we don’t admit it, we still feel that we must be part of the group at the end of the day. We have that feeling to have a sense of belongingness. Being different can be good sometimes, but I still think one of the sad things about it is that one does not truly feel that he is “in the right place”. It’s a gloomy thought, really… how Silas must have longed for a home.


“Things blossom in their time. They bud and bloom, blossom and fade. Everything
in its time.” (Neil Gaiman, 2010, 146)

On the book: Mother Slaughter asked Bod if he can see blossom, and he looked confused as to why there would be blossom in winter.

Gel’s reflections: I loved this quote, it just shows us that you don’t need to rush about anything because there is a time for everything. If flowers bloom all the time, wouldn’t we overlook what makes them special? If we are always feeling up, can we appreciate our happiness if we do not experience dreary days? So be patient and see the magic when it finally comes!


“If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have
gained.” (Neil Gaiman, 2010, 233)

On the book: Bod seek Nehemiah Trot for love advice about whether he should go talk to Scarlett.

Gel’s reflections: I am also guilty of this, because I am not a daredevil myself. But I always try to do things that I know I would regret if somehow I do not at least dare. Believe me, you’ll feel much regret about what you didn’t do by ones you did do. Because for some reason, you have felt courageous that you have the guts to do something compared to being a little pussy. *cries*


“I’m not frightened of dying… It’s just, so many people I care for have spent
so much time keeping me safe, teaching me, protecting me.” (Neil Gaiman, 2010, 250)

On the book: Bod came to talk with the Sleer for advice about leaving the graveyard to find out who wanted to kill him.

Gel’s reflections: I’m not afraid, too. I come to accept that everyone of us will die sooner or later. Painful reality, but it’s the truth. What I’m afraid is the people that I would left behind. Whenever giving up crossed my mind, I immediately erase the thought because my dreams and relationships are all bigger than my fears. Positive thinking in the midst of a chaotic world – we can do it!


Gel’s little side note: And that concludes it! I am really glad that I made this post a long time ago. My flash drive had a virus and it erased all my files, including these images! It was so annoying (yes, I was really, REALLY BUMMED!)! MY PRECIOUS SCHOOL WORKS!

But this was the strangest part: I was reading an article about Virgos getting fucked up this year because of Mercury’s retrograde motion. One tip there was to “Back up your files” because you’ll never know. And after 10 minutes I checked my files and WOAHLA! Gone. Fuck the universe and horoscopes and Mercury.

And that was why I immediately created a new Gmail account. To save my WordPress files. And I thought about my blog name (hurray!). Details when I feel like it!

See you soon on my next post!

What quote did you like the most?
The quotes on The Ultimate Bookish Quotes were selected by me as to what were my favorites or what I thought were the best quotes in the book. My list, my choices, my own reflections. All images were made by me on Quotescover. The background image was taken from WallpaperCave.

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