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The 6 Ultimate Quotes from Life on the Preservation

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A little background: Life on the Preservation is a Science Fiction, Dystopian, Fantasy novel by Jack SkillingsteadYou could first check out my book review here.

A huge thank you to Sir Jack Skillingstead for noticing me on Twitter, and replying to my tweet! IT WAS SO AWESOME. And yes, this was posted more than a week after the book review (I don’t want to spam him. LOL!)


Without further ado…

Let’s get down to the quotes!


“Society was always forbidding relationships that didn’t look normal from the outside.” (Jack Skillingstead, 2013, 49)

On the book: Billy stated a painful fact about Kylie and Father Jim’s relationship, but a piece of Kylie had fought against accepting the truth — that what they had, though forbidden, was a relationship, anyway.

Gel’s reflections: I completely agree with this quote. I can tackle many issues about this like LGBT+ (which was a hot topic in the Philippines now (or in the world?) because of Manny Pacquiao’s “offensive” statement) or adultery or any other “forbidden” relationships like Romeo and Juliet-like, but I would not dwell too far from the book. Father Jim is onto Kylie, and take note of the word Father. He’s a priest and he raped Kylie, who was 17 or 18 (I can’t recall this time). I recently watched a film entitled The Crime of Father Amaro (2002) and ugh, my morals were shaken there for a moment. Priests who took an oath of sanctity + rape + minor = not exactly good combinations. Can we blame society for forbidding that?


“Graffiti was just sex misspelled. If you couldn’t do it without thinking, then you couldn’t do it.” (Jack Skillingstead, 2013, 129)

On the book: Ian was getting ready to do graffiti on the wall, but his mind wouldn’t stop talking to him and couldn’t see what he was supposed to paint, so he dropped the act.

Gel’s reflections: I don’t know what to say about this. Just thought this was a hilarious quote. LOL!


“He didn’t want to let Sarah go, but he knew he couldn’t go forward with the relationship. He had never gone forward.” (Jack Skillingstead, 2013, 131)

On the book: On another cycle in the never-ending time loop, Ian was filled with anxiety of the thought of confrontation with his girlfriend, Sarah, again.

Gel’s reflections: Hit me right on the feels. Letting go is hard, but why stay when you know it’s not the best for you two? I’m a crybaby for these kinds of realizations! Excuse me, gonna weep for a moment… 


“It’s hardly unique, a lifetime of pretending to be what everyone expects you to be.” (Jack Skillingstead, 2013, 261)

On the book: Charles Noble and Curtis were talking about how Charles went honest on never having sex before, and Curtis understood.

Gel’s reflections: Raise your hand if you have ever pretended you know/like/have experienced something to belong in the “in” crowd *raises hand*. As a teenager, that’s really hardly unique. We have the simple, irritating issues like you need to know what the popular bands are today to get into the conversation, or the deeper issues like being a like-able person and do whatever like-able people do and in the process, not being able to have time to what you really want. I think that’s me in the distant past, but now I know how NOT TO GIVE A FUCK BECAUSE YOU THINK I’M NOT COOL ENOUGH. Nah, I learned to be happy with my life and be a little sunshine unicorn to others!


“Reality simply can’t be what you’re saying it is.” (Jack Skillingstead, 2013, 280)

On the book: Vanessa was not buying Ian’s explanation on the whole preservation concept.

Gel’s Reflections: I would like to focus on reality itself. My reality is not your reality. We have different preferences, whether by taste or ethics. You can’t just force people to view what is “right” because you think that way. You can of course, engage in a discussion, but I think the implicit rule is don’t be an asshole.


“Sometimes fear provided extra power.” Jack Skillingstead, 2013, 365

On the book: Ian was reminiscing when something startled him wide awake: Father Jim’s crazy act of wanting to cut Kylie.

Gel’s reflections: And “You’d be surprised what you’ll be willing to do, when the Lamia comes for you,” (damn, Drag Me to Hell (2009) really affected me!) or in this case, when a knife-welding-not-right-in-the-head priest comes for you.


Gel’s little side note: And that concludes it! Typed this after midnight because I want to evade my Math 11 College Algebra module (which I should be studying now, I think?). Really relaxing to reflect on quotes like these. Also, you might wanna add this great book on your TBR! Thanks for reading!

See you soon on my next post!

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The quotes on The Ultimate Bookish Quotes were selected by me as to what were my favorites or what I thought were the best quotes in the book. My list, my choices, my own reflections. All images were made by me on Quotescover. The background image was taken from Adam-carnes.

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