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5 Great Quotes from Through the Ever Night

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A little background: Through the Ever Night is a YA, Romance, Dystopian novel by Veronica Rossi. You could check out..

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Without further adieu…

Let’s get down to the quotes!


“What had happened wasn’t fair, she realized, but she still believed in it. Believed that fairness was something worth fighting for.” (Veronica Rossi, 2013, 92)

Wylan and Aria were talking about the people who were chosen to be safe in the Pods and the people left on the Outside 300 years ago. He argued that the system wasn’t fair because some people were left to die.

Gel’s reflections: I think this was something I learned a long time ago — that the world is NOT fair. I mean, I kept think about why society is like that, why the gap between the poor and the rich is like that, and why capitalism wants us to think that if you work hard enough, you’ll succeed later in life. But heavens, no. Life isn’t fair — deal with it… positively, if you can.


“He had to show them that things might have changed but tomorrow would still come.” (Veronica Rossi, 2013, 142)

Perry, despite burdened by the recent problem in his tribe, still normally ate his meal because the tribe was watching him.

Gel’s reflections: I’m sure we all had our fair share of experience when we were assigned to lead a group. How overly-stressful that was, eh? Especially when your group was gonna compete against others. Being a leader, we have to be strong. We have to show our members that even when the situation was upside-down, we would remain firm (well, easy to say, hard to do…). Good luck!


“What good did sitting around and talking ever do? It wouldn’t change anything.” (Veronica Rossi, 2013, 160)

Reef was trying to talk to Perry on how Aria did the right thing, which was leaving the tribe. Perry didn’t want the pep talk, and all he could do was try to keep his people from starving.

Gel’s reflections: Sitting around and talking WITHOUT the plan to resolve the problem and act afterwards wouldn’t change anything. A good talk is great, but a bad talk just leads to more misunderstandings.


“There was nothing more painful than hurting someone you loved.” (Veronica Rossi, 2013, 290)

Perry was reminiscing the past… that no matter how hard he tried, there would be times when the rough and terrible would eventually happen.

Gel’s reflections: Yes, even without intending to do so, time and time again you hurt. You know you fucked up. I believe one of the best things to do is to understand that there would be a healing process. It might be long, but in that time, you should learn how to transform a crisis into a good lesson (I’m not a love guru though, this babbling just came from my heart, heehee)Be strong!


“They’d taken their greatest strength and hidden it like a weakness.” (Veronica Rossi, 2013, 341)

Aria and Perry learned that love shouldn’t be hidden, because that was their greatest strength – stronger together.

Gel’s reflections: I have read many conflicts on hidden love, so reflecting on this positively is hard. But why do you think a couple need to hide their love? Ah, so many reasons… but for the book’s sake, nothing good came out when Perry and Aria hid their love. So, when they had realized that, time to embrace the consequences and reach their goals, together!


Gel’s little side note: And that concludes the “best quotes in the book from yours truly”. Thanks for reading, mis amigos bloggers! My next major post would be a book review on a science fiction novel. Stay tuned!

See you soon on my next post!

What quote did you like the most?

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