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POPSUGAR’s 2016 Reading Challenge: A romance set in the future | Book Review: Through the Ever Night

Gel’s little side note: Hey guys! The long wait is over because the Quote Queen is back. (Whoops, wrong category!) Because I have the trilogy of Under the Never Sky series, I decided to read the second one because I loved the first! I’m barely on the second third week of school and I think I might have a headache soon. Ugh. Also, I’m reading a seemingly disturbing sci-fi novel (it’s pretty long for me) that my friend was kind enough for me to borrow. So, I think my brain cannot process how to write a good review for now. But, I’m trying my best, don’t worry! It’s just… I can’t get in the mood? Procrastination? Oh, Gel, Gel, Gel…

You might want to read my book review of the first installment, Under the Never Sky. I categorized it under “A dystopian novel.” Thanks a bunch!

Rossi, V. (2013). Through the Ever Night. New York, NY: Harper Collins

Some details:

Edition: Paperback, 341 pages

Price: ₱349.00 (National Bookstore)

ISBN: 9780062247100

Genres: Science Fiction > Dystopia, Young Adult, Romance

Characters: Aria, Perry, Roar, Marron, Soren

Setting: Outside, Reverie

Do you want to know…

My Goodreads rating: 4/5 stars

Click here for my Goodreads review version (just a shortened one from here).

“Intense feeling of emotions all throughout. Can’t wait for more!”

Comment on the cover: There’s the strange background again. It fits perfectly well with the first cover, though. But I was a little surprised by how Perry looked. I mean… WHY IS HE SO WHITE? He is living on the Outside! Is it the Aether? I can’t see why and if anyone can enlighten me, pretty please? But anyway, he’s so handsome. When I saw the cover I was like OMG he’s cute! For the overall impact: GODDAMN GOOD.

Plot summary: In this second installment of Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky Series, the world is getting harsher. The Aether forced many tribes and Pods to evacuate. On a quest to find the Still Blue, a place where there is no danger in the skies, what will be the cost? Lives are lost, homes abandoned… how would they all fare? In these dire situations, can Perry and Aria overcome all odds?

Features: Nothing much, except the most-awaited final installment: Into the Still Blue! Gaaaaahh!


Book discussion: Perry was now the Blood Lord of the Tides, and with Aria coming back from Reverie, they would be forced to hide their relationship to Perry’s tribe. Being a Mole, or should I say, being a half-blood, was very hard for both of them. I know many people can relate to this, ever had an experience when being different was like a burden? Anyway, the character development in this book was GREAT, we were taken on an adventure with them and we can just really FEEL IT. Even the minor characters, specifically Soren, Cinder, Marron and Liv were just as wonderfully written. Obstacles, like making a hard decision that would hurt oneself for the goodness of a group, would be read. Of course, sadness and death would be inevitable. I swear you’d be frustrated because you had already loved the characters. Rossi also has a way with word-plays, you would not feel bored because of the witty puns and cheesy (but legitimately cheesy, not like in the first installment) quotes. Truly, romance just got action-packed, heart-breaking, feels-tripping in the future.

My journey: Honestly, the first installment Under the Never Sky was just “all right” for me, but this book, HANDS UP! It’s common for second books in a trilogy that it would be like a filler part (well, based on my experience), but I was surprised that I cannot put down this book. Yes, Rossi, I’m talking to you! You’re the man (or woman, perhaps)! If you have ever read Rick Riordan’s books (like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series), I’m sure you have felt the frustration when point-of-views suddenly shifts when the going gets so good. Well, this book is also a nominee!

What I like: I want to say that I liked it all, but here are the specifics (WARNING: May contain spoilers):

  • Even though Aria and Roar were both Auds (and technically, they are PERFECT for each other in marriage), I liked how Rossi didn’t make it a love triangle. Roar’s to Liv and Aria’s to Perry and vice versa were just so strong nothing can break it down. Yes, really, how often do you find someone who is just so LOYAL? Happy fucking Valentines (just kidding!)!
  • Perry is really stressed-out about being the new Blood Lord, so making tough decisions, like adopting his very close friend, Marron, in his tribe when the food rations are oh-so-tight, was very brave and compassionate. Hard times, but trust and friendship overcomes trials.
  • Kirra, someone with the same ability as Perry (and yes, perfect for each other in marriage), was seducing him. I was holding my breath, I though he’d cheat on Aria for a second there, but NO?! Perry, you are really a role-model to men.
  • Soren was like the bad guy in the first installment, but I was surprised how he developed in this book, helping Aria and the others. Though he still retained his little rotten personality, he was just so remarkable.
  • I LOVE MARRON. I wanna hug him and everything. He’s perfect and wise and smart and most of the quotes are from him. Ugh, *sings I Can’t Stop My Love For You ˜*

What I dislike: Liv, a very talked-about character since the first book, had only a short screen-time here. Not complaining, though (maybe I’m just disappointed because what happened to her hurt everyone, especially Roar so much).


Round up and recommendation: Recommended to all YA, Romance, and Dystopian readers. If you happen to read the first book, please don’t lose your hope in continuing the series. You’ll not be disappointed in the sequel! It was a quick read and has many life lessons, specifically leadership, loyalty, and camaraderie. Your “romance in the future” expectation will also be fulfilled.

Sample excerpt:

None of this would have happened if I hadn’t been there in the first place. I had to leave.”

Roar nodded. “It’s still going to hurt.”

Aria pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes, keeping back the tears. Roar was right. When it came to pain, reasons didn’t matter. She took her hands away. “I did the right thing.” She wished she could convince herself.

Veronica Rossi, 2013, 130

Gel’s little side note: *Exhales* Yay, my first book review this month! Haven’t had a major update for weeks, I was just getting used to school again. The best quotes would be the next major update. Thanks for reading. See you soon on my next post!

Are you planning to read this book?

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5 thoughts on “POPSUGAR’s 2016 Reading Challenge: A romance set in the future | Book Review: Through the Ever Night

  1. Glad you’re adjusting to the new term okay! I read book 1 of this trilogy ages ago and had completely forgotten about it until I saw your review; I really should purchase this second book and get cracking with VR again! Great review!

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    1. Yep, slowly but surely adjusting (because of lots of paper requirements, ugh). Wow, I’m really glad that you have found my review helpful! Happy that you’re considering to continue the book. Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment!

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