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This or That Tag (Fashion)

I was tagged by Raquel @rakioddbooks. Thanks a lot for tagging me!

Jeans or sweatpants?

Jeans. I really don’t like sweatpants. It’s so hot here in the Philippines and wearing sweatpants is a no-no for me (except when jogging… which I rarely do).

Long sleeve or short?

Short sleeve. I can count the long sleeves that I own. My reason — IT’S HOT OUTSIDE (again).

Dresses or skirts?

I’m much comfortable in dresses. I only wear dresses/skirts when going to church or when there is an occasion, though.

Stripes or plaid?

Ehh… I don’t like any of these. But if I must pick, I think I’ll just choose stripes.

Flip flops or sandals?

Sandals. I like wearing sandals because they are so comfy. I only wear flip flops when I’m in the house or a short walk around our subdivision. But for go-to footwear, certainly sandals.

Scarves or hats?

Neither. I feel weird wearing either of those. I also don’t know where could I wear scarves because of the weather. For hats… I just don’t like it.

Necklaces or bracelets?

Necklaces. I LOVE NECKLACES. I don’t think you’ll see me (if ever) wearing none.

Heels or flats?

I’m a little short, so I like to wear heels (and I love them). I can do with flats, but heels are just lovely.

Jacket or hoodie? 

Neither. It’s hot (I’m sorry I said this a countless times already). Scratch that. I’ll go for jacket. I don’t know why but I also feel weird when I wear a hoodie. I don’t want to cover my head maybe?

Abercrombie or Hollister?

Neither. I’m not really into brand names that much. If I think it’s cute and I’ll look good with it, I’ll buy it. I still believe it’s how you wear it that matters.


I enjoyed answering these questions! Sorry for cringe-worthy answers, I’m not really into fashion that much. My style is anything on sale. Heehee

I would like to tag:

Leani @lightbeautysite

Mitch @Odi Et Emo

Amy @possibleintellect

It’s okay if you want/do not want to do it! If you, dear reader would also like to do this tag, feel free!


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