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10 Beautiful Quotes from Fablehaven

Gel’s little side note: Hey guys! The Quote Queen is back. Before I continue, I would just like to thank all my followers (and viewers)! Coincidentally, I saw that the count was like this when I went to the Stats Page a few days ago:


It was just so cool. Some people are actually viewing what I write. LOL! I’m so grateful to all of you (especially those who constantly like and comment… you’re all awesome!)… I just don’t know how to express it with more cheesiness. I seldom put lovey-dovey affection on my writing style, but please do me a favor and just believe me on this one.

Ah, the good ol’ days when I got super shocked and excited when I first got 10 views. And now this. Anyway, I’m looking forward for more awesome experiences, blogger friends, and pretty much every amazing thing that can happen.

On something related to this post, these are the quotes that I liked from Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. I also wrote a book review about this, and you lovely reader might wanna check it out.

I think that would be enough for a writer’s note. Let’s get down to the quotes!


“Was life like that? You could look ahead to the future or back at the past, but the present moved too quickly to absorb.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 1)

Kendra was watching foliage blur past from their car in a highway.

Gel’s reflections: What a deep kid. Anyway, yes… life is like that. Wait… just read the quote. This was just too beautiful for reflections.


“A rule is of no value unless the punishment is enforced.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 61)

Grandpa was confronting Seth and Kendra because of the mischief they had done.

Gel’s reflections: Absolutely true. If people just keep breaking rules without the terror of being punished, then why make laws at all? And then, what is a world without man-made laws? THE (fuckin’) PURGE?!


“None of these creatures are good. Not the way we think of good. None are safe. Much of morality is peculiar to mortality. The best creatures here are merely not evil.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 80)

Grandpa was explaining things about the sanctuary and the mythical creatures in it.

Gel’s reflections: I was thinking if this can be applied to people, too. Are there any “good” people at all? Or most of us are just not evil? Hmm…


“Mortality is a totally different state of being. You become more aware of time.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 91)

Lena was telling Kendra her experiences about being an immortal creature once.

Gel’s reflections: I think this would be the reason why I would choose mortality over immortality. I believe that we should make the most of what little time we have now, because that’s what makes whatever we do meaningful. Life is worthwhile because it ends.

Also… SO THIS WAS THE SOMETHING I WAS TALKING ABOUT! I recently watched a video by the British Humanist Association entitled “What should we think about death?”. It was really an eye-opener, and you can be more appreciative of your life after 2 1/2 minutes. The link was to Facebook, and my musings can be found here. My head hurt from remembering something that was related to that video. And here it is. Lena’s wisdom from Fablehaven.


“I often wonder if lies are ever a protection.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 92)

Lena had this sudden thought when Kendra asked her about Grandma Sorenson.

Gel’s reflections: I wonder, too. Why do adults have to lie so much? As a teenager, I think I’m starting to grasp why… Although I’m very open to my family about what I’m going through (which is what I’m proud of… not too many teenagers still post whatever comes to mind on her Twitter when her dad is a follower of it). So anyway, I think lies CAN BE a protection of privacy and stuff we might not have a heart to bear. But usually, it just leads to more problems… *sighs*


“Most religions are based on truths, but they are also polluted by the philosophies and imaginations of men.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 114)

Kendra wanted to know Lena’s insights if everything in mythology is true.

Gel’s reflections: Exactly my thoughts. This may be a really personal reflection: I studied in a Christian school ever since I was in kindergarten. I grew up surrounded by Christian students with Christian values and beliefs. When I got to college a few months ago, I really had a culture shock. Students there are very different, and I encountered many atheist professors. I was amazed by them and I was thankful that I met people who have different outlooks in life. Truthfully, it was hard to be firm, and I had serious issues and doubts about that recently. I’m trying to get back to my faith, but I was really glad that I had the chance to encounter people not in the same boat as I. It just proves that I still have a lot to learn about the world, not just in my own little corner at school. No regrets and looking forward for more!

As for a deep reflection on the quote itself… well, who knows what is really the truth?


“Not knowing anything is the hardest.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 151)

Seth was convincing Dale to tell him about the upcoming event in the sanctuary.

Gel’s reflections: SUPER RELATE. This is what I hate the most. It breaks me. Maybe this should be my life quote. For me to achieve better. Maybe.


“Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 152)

Dale imparted his experience to Seth and hoped that his mistake in the past would be a lesson to him.


The real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others. Who could put it much better than Brandon Mull?


“Let’s worry about fixing the problem instead of the blame.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 268)

Ruth was lightening up the mood because Seth blamed himself for past actions.

Gel’s reflections: Very well put. In a group work, or any other situation, I get irritated when they waste precious time just to BLAME. I mean, what was so good in blaming? Does it change anything? You will just hurt yourself, and others, too. If I know you and I observed that you like to play the blame-game, then I think you should get the hell out of my life. Or I will.


“It does us no good to dwell on dark thoughts.” (Brandon Mull, 2007, 285)

Ruth said this to the siblings because Kendra suggested they should just think happy thoughts, even when they were doing something that cannot be considered happy.

Gel’s reflections: The last and the best quote. If we want to be the best of what we are, making an impact to others… then we should just think positive under any circumstances. Yeah, yeah. Hard right? And almost impossible. Because who does that? Here am I. Being negative. I believe I just contradicted myself. LOL! Anyway, just like the line that I always recall in Garfield the movie… be happy!


Gel’s little side note: We’re done! Once again, thanks to everyone. Blogging what I like has been an awesome experience-reliever for me. HOPING FOR MORE “ADVENTURES” TO COME! Read Fablehaven, it’s amazing!

-space reserved for my future signature… oh where art thou ~-

Featured photo taken from Brandon Mull’s website. All but the featured image are made by me on Quotescover. The background from the photos are taken from Playbuzz.


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