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Sometimes I wonder

if I would live my dreams,

To have what it takes

not as easy as it seems.


Just an ordinary teen

unsure of what to be,

Confused how to at least

serve the society.


I was always told,

“Dream big, aim high,

don’t let them drown you

the limit is the sky.”


Maybe I’m reluctant

to break out of my shell,

But everyone expects

that I would do so well.


This internal drama

I know would lead nowhere,

Have the choice to make no move

or take control and dare.


Someday I hope I’ll find

the confidence I need,

To live my dreams and face

the world determined to succeed.

© geelinlovesconan, 2016

Hey guys! That was my first shot writing a poem.

What urged me to write one? I did a typography and changed my header from SMILE to DREAM! Learned it from here.

Figured I’d write one. LOL!

This has been on my drafts since forever. Tell me what you think… we always have a room for improvement! Thanks, guys!


All comments appreciated!

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