daily quote


A long time ago…

a guy I really liked…

…called me “ugly”


until then…

until then I…

used to go on diets…

…and worry about zits just like everybody else. I even looked in the mirror every day.

But then he said

I hate ugly girls.

So why should I even bother?

I figured if I’m ugly anyway…

…then what’s the point of wasting my time?

I’d rather just forget about trying to be feminine.

And give up worrying about my looks.

I decided that if I hid my face…


…I could stop comparing myself to all the beautiful girls.

And once I tried it…

it was just so much fun! ❤

It’s so much easier to be alone.

Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge: The Wallflower Vol. 1. Tomoko Hayakawa, 2004, 59-61

Major update soon. For now… take time to ponder this.


4 thoughts on “Ugly

  1. Be happy with yourself and define who you are and what you want to look like. Don’t let anyone else decide for you. I know it’s easier said than done, but its important to keep true to yourself nonetheless.

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