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It was an unpopular choice. In fact, no one in my batch knows my course exists. It was not that surprising — most, if not all of them wanted to pursue a degree in the sciences.

When someone asks me, “Anong course mo?” (What’s your course?), I just say, “Organizational Communication”. There is always a follow-up question after that, “Huh? Ano ‘yun?” (Huh? What’s that?).  And then I would reply, “Parang Mass Comm pero nagfo-focus sa mga organizations” (It’s like Mass Comm but it focuses on organizations). I would always get the same reply — “Ah”.

For them, it was really strange that I thought to study that course. They would always say, “WHY? I thought you wanted to become a doctor or something like that.” I am not trying to brag here because I know that I still have a lot to learn, but I was frustrated that everybody thinks that if you are one of the class topnotchers, you should automatically be studying some “popular” course. Well, I’m sorry but this is what I’m good at, why don’t you lot just mind your own businesses (or should I say courses)?

It was just funny that I am writing about that here and defending what I picked. In fact, before class started last year, even I am SO skeptical about my decision. When my parents, grandparents, classmates… oh the heck, EVERYONE who asked if I would continue this, I would say, “Hindi noh! Magshi-shift kaya ako” (No! I would shift). I would continue your dreams and be a good little doctor (no offense to all doctors out there!).

There came a time when it was my birthday and my concerned relatives were asking about my life. They were unimpressed on my decision and to top it off, compared me to my other same-age relative that was taking a popular course. I just went along and talked to them like it did not affect me, but at the bottom of my heart, I was ashamed… disappointed with myself maybe. Why didn’t I just pick my first choice? Was it worth the risk?

And then I realized that my dream to become a doctor did not come from my heart, but from the opinions of others. Maybe it was because both my parents are nurses and I wanted to be in the same line as them. The unpopular choice led me to realize what was really for me, and I am happy for it.

Sometimes I think that maybe I am destined to be here… that maybe the limited slot of my original pre-med course was not meant for me. I also shared my sentiments to the university psychologist when we were required to undergo counselling. He said that I should continue this and not be affected by what others would say. I really appreciated that because I need a boost as to what I was feeling that time.

I remembered a quote from my second-favorite anime, Hunter x Hunter: “You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.”


Maybe some of you readers would think that it was just a little problem and I am making a big fuss about it. But hey, I was confused, all right? My future would be at stake here!

I wonder what the future holds? Only God knows. But I know I should continue living my present to the fullest. I learned a lot from my unpopular decision, and I am sure I would still learn a lot from this course, and this life!

Thanks for reading my seemingly boring life! Kidding, I’m awesome.

Photos taken from: http://betanews.com/2013/07/01/can-new-firefox-os-smartphones-conquer-low-end-market/ and http://mangaanimepicquotes.tumblr.com/post/115300131782


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