2016 Reading Challenge · Book review

POPSUGAR’s 2016 Reading Challenge: A book that’s under 150 pages

Reading a book on January 1? What a way to start the first day of the year! But, why not? Reading is fun!

LaRue, V. (2008). Neopets: Ghoul Catchers: The Creeping Danger. New York, NY: HarperFestival

I started off with something light and summoned my inner childish personality this time. It took me an hour at most to read the book. It has 128 pages, including the 10 that were reserved for pictures. After all, this is a children’s book.

I remembered I bought this at a National Book Store warehouse sale, maybe four or five years ago. I LOVE Neopets way back, and I always spend time exploring the site, playing games, and whatever interesting thing it offered. So of course, finding a merchandise relating to my favorite pastime led me to spontaneously buy this (and #2)!

The book is all about how two young Neopets, together with their ghost friend, would go on a quest to save the whole Neopia from the ghouls’ all-consuming goal to conquer their land. Yay!

As a quote-seeker, whenever I read a book, I am always on the look-out for what I call quotable quotes. I only listed two, but that is enough!

  • “As their desire for power took over their entire beings, it crowded out any goodness that once dwelled within them.” (Vivian LaRue, 2008, 4)

In the story, Neopets discovered that they could be stronger by tapping in a dangerous source of power. Some who abused it corrupted themselves.

  • “Promises don’t come with expiration dates, silly.” (Vivian LaRue, 2008, 9)

A cute scenario, where the two main characters, opposite in personalities, wants to back out in a challenge the other had promised the other.

I consider fantasy as one of the genres that I like the most. Ultimately, it allows me to creatively use my *insert Spongebob’s voice* IMAGINATION. Good thing that this book had done its job well.

My Neopets account. Love, proud childish me.

Because this book brought back so much memories, I decided to check my old Neopets account. I still remember my username and password by heart. I’m not gonna expect on this because this is a silly request, but who knows? Let’s be Neofriends!

Slightly kidding. One tick off the list for today. Thanks for reading!


Photo taken from: http://www.amazon.com/Neopets-Ghoul-Catchers-Creeping-Danger/dp/0061432156


All comments appreciated!

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