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Why Watch nigahiga?


Hi there! 2015 is ending, and I just wanna share about my all-time favorite YouTuber, Ryan Higa (nigahiga)! Looking for an awesome, entertaining YouTuber to get crazy into this coming 2016? Just sit right there and I will tell you why watch nigahiga!

Before we get to the list, I would first tell some facts about him. He is known for his AMAZING comedy videos and is one of the “legendary” YouTubers because he’s been on it since 2006 (YouTube started on 2005). He has 15 million subscribers as of December 2015 and the 5th most subscribed YouTuber (excluding VEVO channels).

His channel name, nigahiga, is a mixture of “niga” which means rant in Japanese and “Higa”, his last name. He has a second channel, HigaTV, where he uploads some video blogs (vlogs), behind-the-scenes, and more epicness.

Those are just some of the go-to facts about him. And now, let’s get started on the list for real!

  1. QUALITY: He puts so much effort on his videos!

Every time I click a new nigahiga video, I am not disappointed because I can see that the content is well-thought out. From the script to filming to editing, you will love every second of it. If you are interested in checking out how in the world it led to the above image, here is the link!

2. RELEVANT: His rants are timely!

The good thing about him is that he reacts in a smart, thoughtful way. Whenever something viral is trending, he presents his opinions that looks into both sides and turns his rant into something inspirational yet not losing his comic personality in all its seriousness. You cannot be bored sitting through his rants because he adds amusing skits in it. His latest one is A World Without Police!?, you might wanna see it!

Up-left-right-down: Kyle, Erica, Sean, Daina, Ryan, Josh, Derrick, Greg, Marley the dog, and Will

3. CAMARADERIE: He has an awesome set of friends!

Seriously, their friendship are GOALS. Maybe the best thing that I like about the channel is how I can feel that they are having so much fun together in filming and more. They also do interesting activities for viewers to stay tuned to that are great for bonding with friends, too (well, some of it are only for pros like them). These are some of what they do: Parkourse, I Dare You, random games, and Cooking: But Not Really. Linked are my personal favorites. Those are all cool, trust me!

4. PUN-FILLED: He always make your mind blown!

Truly, my mind was always blown from thinking how he could be that brilliant in combining ideas into one hilarious video! His way with words are just amazing. Curious what really came first: chicken or egg, he knows (using Basic AlgebRyan)! Stumped on what to gift this season (or pretty much any holiday)? Check out 10 Cheap Punny Christmas Gifts!


5. APPRECIATIVE: He treasures each and every “lamp”!

Instead of fans, he prefers lamps. According to him, fans come and go, but lamps are gonna be there for him in his darkest times. Through Teehee Time, where he opens up packages sent by lamps, you can just see how grateful he is.

There you have it! 5 awesome reasons why you should watch nigahiga. I have been a lamp for three years and counting, and it was surely great being on a journey with him. I hope you enjoyed this list and you might wanna check out his main and second channel! Thanks for reading and have a happy holidays!

Photos taken from: here and here

10 thoughts on “Why Watch nigahiga?

  1. I LOVE the guy!! his videos are never disappointing! The World WIthout Police one was awesome!! haha, His content are also uptodate he burned trump like it was nothing. aaah! the I dare you challenges ae hilarious! they’d do anything. like in the Ft with smosh was it Shaun who was hidden in the morning dew tower?? I love his skits. Teehee! Im glad you guys like him too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my, I am also really happy that you like Ryan, too! It’s just awesome that bloggers watch the same YouTube guy (and love him).

      I especially love it when other YouTube stars (like yes, Smosh) were invited on their I Dare You challenges! And YEAH they hid Sean on the Mountain Dew tower (and left a bottle with him in case he wanted to do number-one – HILARIOUS!) just to surprise a prankster! His latest one as of today is “How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artists pt. 2”, if you have time you might wanna check it out (and watch out for Sam Smith, got rolling on the floor with that).

      Oh wait, I might have gotten carried away. Thanks again for the lovely comment. Teehee!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love nigahiga! I’m actually about to watch his latest video right now! I’ve been rewatching some of his videos for the last couple of days too. They’re still so funny!! I think I started watching him after the Shed a Tear video. I’m not too sure but I think it was around that time. Been a fan ever since and I can’t wait to see what else he surprises us with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I just watched his latest one maybe 10 minutes ago. This is so cool! I also did a nigahiga marathon (watching his vids starting from the oldest) last week. LOL! The one that hooked me was… The Ultimate Handshake because damn, that was really ULTIMATE. I’m glad I share this interest with you!

      Liked by 1 person

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