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To my dad

To my dad, who is always there for me even when he is far away, thank you. Being an OFW, working tirelessly to support us is definitely not an easy task. The countless hours you spend away from us to give your family a good life, I salute you.

To my dad, who always knows what to answer to our seemingly unusual questions about everything, thank you. It is with your wisdom that we grew up to be the children you can be proud of. I assure you, we would do our best to be a much better person than we are today.

To my dad, who always inspires us with his awesome stories, thank you. You taught us to dream big and work smart to attain it. Every time you reminisce your past to be who you are now makes us strive harder to achieve our goals.

To my dad, who always cracks us up with his jokes, thank you. Some of our days may be dreary, but with you brightening up the day, we get a little better. I am known to have a temper, but it diffuses with your power.

To my dad, who always reminds me to do the best I can in my studies, thank you. Being in college is a lot different from high school, but assuring me that you support me means a lot. I would do much better in the next semesters, believe me.

To my dad, who always wants to understand my little teenage world, thank you. Do not worry, I am not mad whenever you ask many questions about some things that may be awkward for a teen to talk about. I understand that you just want to connect to us, and I am always glad for your effort.

There are still so many things that I would like to say to you, but one thing I know is that whatever happens, we will always love you. Thank you for being a great dad. How blessed are us to have you, and I hope you think the same for us, too.

Thank you for everything, daddy. Happy birthday!


Photo taken from: http://romisscuxi.blog.com/2014/05/07/birthday-in-heaven-for-dad-quotes/



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