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What I realized on the Socialized Tuition System

When I learned that I got sorted on Bracket B, I squealed and felt that I was so lucky because I would get a 33% tuition discount. I even bragged and posted it on Instagram to show how happy am I. I was naive back then. I got jubilant on a something that I eventually learned is unjust. Being a freshman in the University of the Philippines (UP), my eyes has been opened on the concept of commercialization of education. Socialized Tuition System (STS), as I had known as a good system for giving tuition discounts based on social class, is just a mask that conceals the real intention of corruption.

Being labeled as an “Iskolar ng Bayan” should also be reflected on how the students should finance their education. Certain organizations in UP – Manila and of course, my fellow Iskos and Iskas as a whole enlightened me and planted seeds of determination in my mind to fight for what is right, to fight for what is needed, and to fight against the commercialization of education. Coming from a private school in high school, where we were taught to follow the system and be good, I was somewhat shocked by how students here always has a say (and in most of the time, defy) in every issue. Everyday, I witness students rallying on the streets, and some of my acquaintances also take part in it.

Maybe I was just ignorant, maybe what I believe is right turned out to be wrong, maybe I was just stressing myself out, but it was just my first semester in college, and I know that I will learn and witness more.

Photo taken from: http://rejuvenationmedia.com/category/daily-dose/corruption/

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