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Sometimes I wish the internet would be down again

A week ago, I had the urge to write something about this. Yeah, yeah… I know the “Be careful what you wish for” shit, but come on!

There were three events that triggered my inspiration (?) to write this.

(1) As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw a picture that I posted months ago with the caption “No internet = bonding” depicting my brother and sister doing crafts.

(2) Yesterday, I heard my mom and dad talking through Skype, but after a while dad exclaimed (clearly to us, his children) “Haaay, wala namang makausap dito eh!” (Haaay, there was no one that I can talk to here!). When I looked up from my tablet, I saw my brother and sister, Geero and Geenelle that were also very engrossed on their own stuff in their own gadgets. I thought, “What the hell? Couldn’t we have a decent conversation without the presence of a goddamn gadget?” I know that I was also at fault here (which I tried to compensate by playing with them).

(3) Another thing that happened yesterday that might support my argument was when I had a spontaneous energy to execute a big project for our gift on our parent’s anniversary next year. The concept was we would recreate our throwback photos (because I saw a hilarious article from BuzzFeed and I’d like to make one on our own). I would ask my siblings to help me as to what photos would go on the album. As I was explaining things to them who had just came back from school, Geero was always interrupting me, saying “Ah teka lang, teka lang!” (Ah, wait, wait!), then proceeded to use his cellphone. It happened at least five times, but I stayed calm because he rarely cooperates with us on a plan.

My point is sometimes we become so absorbed in our own stuff and our own pleasures that we might miss the more important and funny things in life that we may create when we actually socialize with others. We may tend to take our family for granted (and I am thankful that we are still complete, though my dad works far away), but we need to remember that they would only be around for some time now and we would have separate lives, separate homes when the time comes (I don’t know if this applied to you, but my siblings are younger than me and that is my only problem for now). We should cherish and treasure every moment we can with our loved ones, because when we think of it, that is more important than any material and pleasurable things that may be gone. What is its use when we it is only useful for ourselves, right? So, this rant or whatever can just be a reminder for others to lessen easy-come-easy-go happiness while adding legitimate happy memories you can still make with your family.


I really do not want for the internet to be down (because damn, what a pain in the ass would that be), but maybe I just want more family bonding. Thanks for reading!

Photo taken from: http://www.trestle.org.uk/cable-theft-leaves-trestle-off-the-grid/trestle-disconnected/


All comments appreciated!

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