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AlDub: Enchanting the Whole Nation

When their tandem was just somewhat new, I felt like I should write something about their love team. Nah, just kidding. This work was given to me by my former teacher way back elementary days. For reasons confidential (not really though), he asked me to write something about AlDub. Of course, to test my writing skills that I thought was getting rusty, I accepted his proposal. This was written months ago, so the current stateĀ of AlDub (which I would say became a gazillion times more famous) was not indicated. So, enjoy reading and have a glimpse of Filipino media culture!


You probably have heard about the AlDub phenomenon, the tandem of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub aka Maine Mendoza, which recently contributed a lot of hype on GMA’s noontime show, Eat Bulaga’s “Kalyeserye”. It has been constantly appearing on the headlines of various television news shows and has permeated in the social media via the updates of netizens and their daily Twitter hashtags. The biggest event so far was their “Tamang Panahon” charity-concert last Oct. 24 at the Philippine Arena, having a full-house attended by fans aka AlDubNation. What seems to be the spell that enchanted the whole nation to be their avid fans and of the show itself?


Besides people finding pleasure on looking at beauty and comedy provided by other casts like Wally Bayola as Lola Nidora, the two main characters’ on-screen chemistry and attraction, and the “kilig-factor” labeled by most netizens, theme that brings it together is that of the “budding love” that for most people, is still perceived as something beautiful. The show also reminds us of things that are the important traditional values of Filipinos that they strategically promote. Among these are the patience and determination and respect for elders and women. These were showed and felt over the course of the segment, and how these values were believed as actions of a role model, especially for the youth, brought the needed moral lesson that does not only focus on the outside, but the inside as well. The people in this generation these days are usually in a hurry to get what they want, but the importance of promoting that good things will come at the right time should be given props.


Perhaps some may comment on the sense of the show and how it managed to get millions of followers in just a span of two months. Filipinos are easy to please, yet this characteristic is not necessarily a weakness, because it just shows we can be happy with simple things in life, to have the courage to see that in everyday, there are still some areas where we can find happiness. It also sparks the OFWs to feel the longing to see again their native land, and find that it is still the cheerful Philippines who practices and takes pride in their values.

One day, the hype shall fade, so what we should do is enjoy the time, the entertainment value while it lasts. Absorb the good practices they promote and integrate it to ourselves so that we can be inspired of applying what we can truly learn in life.

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#KalyeSerye ng AlDub, hiniling gawan ng DVD version


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