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5 Most Important Things

This was an entry I have written a year ago. Memories came flooding back, and also laughs. Anyway, I would like to share this to all of you. This activity was given by my not-so-favorite teacher (because reasons), but I was surprised that even though I do not simply like her, I was glad that I learned something from her. I know that the most important things in life aren’t really possessions or materialistic things, but hey, give the activity a break, wouldn’t you? Enjoy.

One time, our teacher told us to draw our five most important possessions. I was excited, though I am not good at drawing. When I found some time, I was blank.

My priority was my tablet. Of course, it was my most valuable one. Next was my books. Those were my collections, so I treasure those. I found a hard time thinking about the other three. But, I was able to finish it. I passed it the day after.

Weeks later, I remembered about that assignment. I was not satisfied with what I drew. I felt like I was missing something. Then, it hit me.

I got inspired with learning and doing my projects on time because of my study table. I remembered that I requested it from my parents, which they gladly obliged and personally picked one for me. I was so happy that time. That was what I was missing.

I remembered that I did that assignment on my study table. I also did projects and studied every time on my table. If I am not on my bed, I am on my table.

I realized, why do you have to search far away, when what you are looking for is just in your sight? It’s all the little things that we overlook, that are the most important.

I hope that I can change my assignment, but it is too late.

Photo taken from: https://learn.thundermaps.com/top-5-health-and-safety-blogs-you-should-follow/


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