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I would like to share this entry that I have written years ago. A simple observation, and I do not know if I was just overthinking. But hey, it is not everyday you get to think deeply and make an inspirational story, eh?

One afternoon, as I was walking down the street on my way home, I saw a little boy. The rain just stopped that day. He had two buckets in front of him — the first near-full, and the other barely had water. Drops kept falling on the second bucket. When I passed him, he poured out the contents from the second to the first bucket. Because he was small, it’s just the measure he can lift. I vaguely saw the excitement on his face while doing it.

When I passed him, thoughts came rushing into my mind. Is he the reason why the first bucket is almost full? Did he use the second one to fill the other with water? When I thought about it, it was a improbable, but still a possibility. If my hunches were true, then that was inspiring. He resiliently filled the bucket without much complaint and just saw it as a challenge and felt happiness.

When there is emptiness, what do we do? Do we complain? One of the most annoying things to experience is to wait. But, the little boy waited, even though he did not know if the bucket will be full at all.

Are we like the little boy? How full is your bucket?

A bucket full of water cannot be filled without drops.

Photo taken from: http://www.all-science-fair-projects.com/print_project_1516_78


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